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Delegates will have exclusive access to speciality plant nurseries and garden art. Here’s a peek at what you will find at the Study Weekend.


Far Reaches Farm  We’re collectors, propagators, growers and above all, avid disciples of plants. Three things drive the nursery and those are to grow as many intriguing plants as possible in the most environmentally responsible manner while contributing to advancing botanical knowledge and have fun doing it. Technically that is four things but the fun part is a given! We look forward to sharing our phytomaniacal obsession with you and just remember that there are worse things to be afflicted with than a passion for gardening.



Alba Plants   Proprietor Gordon McKay attended the renowned Threave School of Gardening where his true passion for ornamental plants was born. Alba Plants specialize in dwarf conifers, alpines and woodlanders. They preferring to grow and propagate their own stock. No peat moss is used in their growing media and no pesticides are used. Alba Plants strictly sells plants at shows and conferences.




Fraser’s Thimble Farms specializes in rare, unusual and native plants. A few of our specialties include North American native plants; hardy orchids, especially Cypripediums (Lady Slippers), hardy ferns and hepaticas we hand select in Japan. We raise our own plants on Salt Spring Island amongst old growth Douglas Firs.

We nurture our plants with special care and very little water.



At Chlorophyllia we believe form follows function. Our prime interests are woodlanders ignored by the ravenous deer. These are the plants that delight us. As hopeless collectors we love growing treasures that we hope will delight you too.





The Gardens at HCP has propagated beautiful fuchsias from their own collection. They are ideally suited to our Pacific Northwest climate and best of all are deer resistant. All plant sales help support the gardens.





Phytosanitary Inspections
We will have a Canadian Phytosanitary Inspector available for those plants purchased onsite by participants who which to take plants to the US. Information about fees and the process will be sent to American participants prior to the Study Weekend.



Bryony Wynne-Jones believes in the magic of the world around her. There is always something beautiful to paint, to be reinterpreted. Drawing and painting in watercolour are some of the perfect mediums to express our world.  To have nature at our fingertips and to honour her is supreme and Bryony is very happy to be a part of it.




Susanne Osmond is a garden designer from Victoria BC who first used one of these fabulous Japanese tripod ladders made by Hasegawa Kogyo while doing a work practicum at Great Dixter in the UK. She is now importing and selling the ladders in Canada. The ladders are widely used throughout Japan and England by gardeners and arborists, and are well-known for their light weight, stability, unique safety features and high-quality construction.





Karen Lancey has a passion for working with metal. Here love of gardening and sense of whimsy come together in an eclectic collection of art for your home and garden. Often Karen uses recycled materials which is combined for a one of a kind look that will dazzle or combine.




Cindy Gibson earned her BFA at the University of Manitoba, and later, a pottery apprenticeship in Heidelberg.  After Germany she made pots in the glorious countryside of southern England for 5 years before returning to Canada and settling in Victoria in 2003. Her high-fire porcelain pottery will bring elegance, fun and colour to your garden: art for birds, fences, patios and garden beds.

sharlenestushnov-leeSharlene Stushnov-Lee is an award winning, Vancouver Island artist who paints primarily in acrylics and oils.  She is a representational painter who enjoys attention to detail and strives to capture the personality or mood of a subject, be it flora, landscape, still life or figurative.  Sharlene loves colour and many of her works are high-key, bold and exciting, as seen in her Tropical Leaves or Driftwood series of paintings.  Life is her muse.




Susan Jean Whyte finds inspiration in the trees of Vancouver Island. She makes a mold from interesting textures she finds in the forest to create her unique pieces of jewelry. Silver or bronze are used to create these one of a kind, local, wearable works of art.





Fiddlesticks are ceramic art, hand made in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.  They are a great way to add colour, fun and interest to your plants and your garden. Plus they are hardy!





Tanner’s Books is a full service bookstore offering a carefully chosen selection of books in all subjects and a special order service for millions of titles.  Tanner’s also specializes in magazines, maps & nautical charts, and calendars.   Tanner’s is open 7 days a week and you can search and shop online.




Philip Cottell creates both artistic and functional turned wood pieces, which he hopes bring lasting enjoyment to their owners. His materials are mainly salvaged from locally grown trees and from nearby industries. He has practiced woodturning since 1998 and lives in Brentwood Bay with his wife Donna.




Donna Cottell is an avid gardener who creates baskets from the garden as well as materials such as waste paper. Within the central theme of re-purposing materials, she uses leftover tile to make mosaics for garden use. She and Phil live an ideal, project-based retirement in Brentwood Bay on the Peninsula.


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